EIFS Repair in Marysville

EIFS Repair in Marysville

February 25, 2015  

EIFS Repair in Marysville

It doesn’t matter sometimes what precautions we take or how careful we are, things happen. We’re not able to control the weather nor are we able to predict incidental mishaps. Regardless of what type of exterior cladding covers your home or commercial building, there is always the chance of damage occurring. Whether its hail damage, vandalism, a landscaping blunder or normal wear and tear, repairs may be inevitable. If you happen to have an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) as cladding on your home or office building, it’s reassuring to know there is an experienced company which offers EIFS repair in Marysville if and when required.

For many of the repairs required to be made to EIFS, the damaged materials must be removed and replaced. To an experienced EIFS installer, this really isn’t as daunting a task as it may sound.

For small hail or impact holes, a patch kit of sorts may be used. If the conditions are right in these cases, the finish may be applied the same day. A little more is involved with larger repairs, having to remove the damaged area down to the substrate in some cases and replacing it. Due to exposure and environmental conditions, like any other cladding, there may be some discoloration to the old finish. Color matching or applying another finish to the wall surface may be required.

Small surface cracks may be easily sealed but any cracking should be investigated by a qualified, experienced EIFS installer. Cracking may be caused by a shifting structure, water damage or improper initial installation. It is important to understand the root cause of any cracking and fix the problem to prevent further issues.

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