Stucco is an exterior Portland cement based cladding installed over a variety of substrates including weather resistant barrier, metal lath and trim accessories and is intended to achieve a high durability exterior wall assembly. Many varieties of finishes can be installed to create a desired look.



E.I.F.S.: Exterior insulation and finish systems consisting of weather barrier insulation board, adhesive/base coat, reinforcing fabric, and acrylic finish coat. EIFS systems are designed to be light weight and are energy efficient.


veneer_plaster_smVENEER PLASTER

Veneer Plaster: A thin coat of high strength gypsum plaster installed in a one or two coat application over a variety of substrates. Many texture choices are available, some of which can be color integral.



Marblecrete: A Portland cement stucco designed to imbed rock or marble chips to achieve exposed aggregate texture finish.



Venetian Finishes: Refers to gypsum or lime based products aggregated with crushed marble. When applied in fine layers it can be compacted by a trowel to a hard and polished surface.



Ornamental Plaster: Ornamental plaster is old world craftsmanship that creates ornate plaster work such as; corbels, cornices, medallions, trim molding and capitals. Many of which are cast in molds.



Plaster Patching: Is a process that repairs damaged sections of existing plaster surfaces. Repairs are (in most cases) artistically applied by hand to virtually any type of plaster/stucco or EIFS installation.