An Experienced Commercial Stucco Company in Redmond

An Experienced Commercial Stucco Company in Redmond

June 18, 2015  

When deciding on the exterior cladding of a commercial property, there are no doubt a number of considerations to take into account. Considerations such as:

  • Is it a new build or an existing building to be refurbished
  • Wheat is the substructure of the building
  • What variety of weather conditions will the building be subjected to
  • What will the property be used for; office, manufacturing, warehousing
  • What are the surrounding of the building
  • What is the most cost efficient, durable and aesthetically pleasing product available

At the end of the day when these and other questions are answered, it may very well be in the interest of the developer to see what an experienced commercial stucco company in Redmond has to offer the project at hand.

Commercial Stucco in Redmond

An experienced commercial stucco company would be able to offer a number of installation options to their clients ensuring the best choice is made for a specific project. These options may include the traditional three layered stucco application or a textured acrylic applied to either a masonry structure or wood substructure, in any color or number of colors. These may also include a water barrier if deemed necessary or maybe a reinforced base coat.

Other options available by an experienced stucco company may also include EIFS; Exterior Insulating Finishing System.

Ensuring that a stucco installation is completed correctly and efficiently is important to both the stucco company and the client. Offering a post installation service instills confidence that the stucco company stands by their work and product.

For more information regarding the stucco options for your commercial building project, call an experienced commercial stucco company in Redmond; call J.J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.