Stucco Repair Service in Tacoma

Exterior stucco cladding increases the value of a residential or commercial property while additionally providing style and stability that add to the appeal of a community or business district. Occasionally, though, recurrent exposure to temperature vacillations and climatic deviations, time and chance injuries may occur. For these unwelcome situations, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is equipped to supply skillful stucco repair service in Tacoma and other nearby settings in Western Washington. In action since 1924, we have comprehensive awareness of all categories of stucco application and renovation situations.

We are happy to propose repair service for all fissures, gouges and gashes in your stucco surfaces, no matter how serious or minor. For cracks that spread perpendicular to the building’s foundation, we recommend that you to seek guidance from a foundation specialist before commencing stucco repair so that any rudimentary issues can be addressed at the outset. Our knowledgeable stucco technicians will then gauge the stucco damage to identify the cause and the most beneficial method for refurbishment.

Regardless of the scope of the stucco damage, we will first eradicate the dirt and debris in the vicinity to make certain the new material that we use will stick properly. If needed, we will patch or substitute the mesh beneath the stucco. New stucco will be spread, cautiously merging the unique color and texture.

To discuss our stucco repair service in Tacoma, phone the competent personnel at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We give our word that you will approve of our stucco repair work.