Repairing Stucco in Bellevue

For effective restoration, consult the professional stucco contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson, Inc. We have decades of experience in repairing stucco in Bellevue and nearby locales throughout Western Washington. We will correctly and effectively institute a repair that is both affordable and appropriate. We have extensive experience and skill to shape a seamless stucco restoration.

Discovering an unattractive crack or hole in your beautiful stucco façade is unpleasant, whether it is displayed on your home or commercial property. Stucco damage can occur as a result of several factors, including: aging, variations in climate, foliage that is too close to the building, leaking downspouts and gutters and accidental blows.

Removing a door or window also requires an extensive stucco patch. Ignoring the stucco injury is not possible, as the damage will only enlarge and worsen over time. Although stucco is a very sturdy and durable exterior surface, it is not made to last forever. Immediate intervention completed by pros is required.

Our technicians can affect your stucco repair quickly, no matter what kind of damage your stucco has sustained. Hairline cracks, oversized gaps, dents and holes all necessitate specific treatment methods. Allow us to evaluate your stucco situation and provide an accurate estimate for a successful and stable repair.

Call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206)202-9500 to discuss your stucco issues or schedule an appointment for a consultation. We are the Puget Sound stucco industry leader for installation and repairing stucco in Bellevue. Trust your beautiful stucco investment to a company that knows stucco.