Repair Stucco in Tacoma

Although applying stucco cladding to your home or business property can be costly at the beginning, it is essential to repair any visible damage as soon as it is discerned. Not paying attention to the issue can result in a more serious injury that will be pricier to address. To maintain both the creative and energy efficient capabilities of the stucco, get in touch with the specialists at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. In operation since 1924, we have technicians with the necessary skills to repair stucco in Tacoma and neighboring Western Washington communities.

Our experienced contractors will resolve smaller cracks in your stucco exterior using a specifically engineered acrylic caulking compound. A pre-mixed stucco patch combination applied in several layers is the best option for more broad cracks.

Dimples or gouges in stucco necessitate a more painstaking and intricate treatment. This process includes disposing of pieces of loose stucco and prudently cleaning the area of debris. The wire mesh below is detached and fresh builder’s paper fastened to the surface. New wire mesh is attached and stucco smeared on top in several coats, with drying time between each layer.

Thorough inspection and ground work are completed in each incident to make certain the restoration effectively merges with the existing stucco color and texture.

For reliable and affordable stucco contractors who will repair stucco in Tacoma no matter what the scope of the project may be, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. Permit our technicians to capably restore your stucco façade.