Patching Plaster Wall in Everett

Contact a professional plaster contractor for unsightly cracks in a plaster wall in your home or commercial property. This ensures that the restoration is successfully completed. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. employs skilled industry leaders in patching plaster wall in Everett. We have served many different areas in the Puget Sound vicinity since 1924 and are proud to have a long list of contented clients.

Although plaster is extremely durable, problems can occur. Undue moisture exposure or a shifting foundation may lead to cracking throughout the façade. Gouges and dents can appear from furniture and door knobs that have collided with the wall. Disregarding these issues may result in the spreading of cracks and bigger holes that necessitate a more rigorous and pricey repair. This could even include pulling down the existing plaster and completely re-installing it. Our experienced plaster contractors can provide the immediate attention required.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is pleased to provide a free consultation to cautiously inspect your plaster injury and decide upon the best restoration process. We will give you a precise and reasonable quote for patching services that encompass both labor and materials. Our knowledgeable plaster technicians will effectually take away the damaged plaster, completely clean the area and apply a faultless patch that properly matches your present plaster color, texture and design.

The contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. are ready for patching plaster wall in Everett at your property. Call us at (206) 202-9500 to speak with one of our specialists.