Patch Repair Plaster in Everett

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has well-equipped technicians to patch repair plaster in Everett and nearby locations. Our company has served the Puget Sound area since 1924 and has completed projects of all sizes and architectural types. Over the years we have gained a stellar reputation for affordable and faultless plaster repair. We can complete plaster restoration from small residences to large commercial developments. No plaster work is too simple or too complex for us to handle.

To patch a plaster wall or ceiling in your home or business, we will perform a systematic evaluation of the damage. If the plaster problem is due to water infiltration or a shifting foundation, we will suggest that you first resolve these issues with specialists in those fields before we endeavor to begin a repair to make certain the primary problem is solved. The application of a plaster patch will not hold if water continues to moisten the plaster or if the structure’s foundation is unstable.

Our list of contented clients ensures that you will receive superior service by contractors who are authorities in the plaster industry. We continue training and up-to-date certification to apply all types of plaster work, from patches to demo and re-installation. Our technicians are proud to provide a faultless plaster patch that matches the current color and texture of your ceiling or wall.

To schedule an appointment for patch repair plaster in Everett, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500. We guarantee your satisfaction with our plaster restoration.