Patch Plaster Installation, Service & Repair in Seattle

If you have considered purchasing an older home or commercial property, you are likely aware of the unique characteristics and concerns regarding buildings constructed decades ago. The appeal of these buildings is understandable as the craftsmanship and design motifs have become somewhat of a lost art. One of the features often apparent in older structures includes plaster walls and ceilings. After years of typical wear and sometimes neglect, cracks and holes in the plaster may be evident. To bring the facility back to its former glory it is necessary to facilitate a repair. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has your experts for patch plaster installation, service and repair in Seattle and the surrounding vicinity.

Our experienced plaster technicians will evaluate your plaster damage to determine whether a simple patch will suffice or if completely new installation is required. An affordable and accurate quote will promptly be given for the essential plaster work.

The first step in a more minor repair is to remove loose plaster from lath boards beneath the area and clean it thoroughly. We will add a new plaster patch and secure it to the lath with specialized drywall screws. Our contractors will apply joint compound and allow it to dry and sand over it, repeating this process several times to ensure effective bonding. The surface is then ready for color and texture matching.

Call J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to schedule an appointment to discuss your patch plaster installation, service and repair in Seattle. We look forward to working with you.