Choosing Venetian Plaster for Your Kitchen

Choosing Venetian Plaster for Your Kitchen

May 15, 2014  

Venetian plaster in Seattle | Seattle, WA Venetian Plaster CompanyIf your kitchen is outdated and is in need of an upgrade, you may want to consider utilizing Venetian plaster. Venetian plaster is sophisticated and elegant and provides a comfortable, yet chic design that results in the perfect balance of modern and traditional. Venetian plaster initially became popular in Venice in the 1550s, which is where the name originated from.

Due to the multiple layers of applied plaster, it produces a 3D effect and has a very distinctive appearance that homeowners love. Once the Venetian plaster is applied on your walls, how do you create one of the best-looking kitchens around? It’s important to select a color scheme that coordinates with your home and produces the results you desire.

Paint color ideas for your new Venetian plastered kitchen are as follows:

  • Purple – Italy is known for their purple hues. Shades of purple look beautiful against medium and dark wood finishes. Add a little bit of gold and maybe even garnet red to receive a sophisticated appearance. Opt for olive and sunflower yellow shades to create a bit more of a rustic feel.
  • Olive – Yellow green colors can create a comfortable, earthy feel that it reminiscent of Italy. These colors can be used together or separately and look great with terracotta and burgundy accidents.
  • Turquoise – Some say that turquoise is one of the best colors for Venetian plaster. Gold can create a more neutral background for the turquoise for a bit more of a rustic appearance.

With the right colors, Venetian plaster can really bring the right amount of Italian charm into any home. If you are looking to make a unique upgrade to your kitchen, contact the professionals with J.J. Jefferson & Son at 206-202-9500 to receive a quote for the application of Venetian plaster in Seattle.