What EIFS Service In Kirkland Can Mean For Your Business

What EIFS Service In Kirkland Can Mean For Your Business

January 11, 2018  

EIFS service in Kirkland

If you are in charge of a commercial space or a large scale dwelling like a condominium or apartment complex, you need to know more about EIFS and what it can mean for you. When hiring an EIFS service in Kirkland that you can trust, the more that you know about it and the benefits, the easier it will be for you to make the right choices.

What Is EIFS?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finishing System. While some people will mistakenly refer to it as stucco, you will also hear it called a number of other things, including Dryvit. What you need to know that unlike the traditional stucco that you may be used to that is made from sand, lime, and some sort of cement or binder, the EIFS exteriors are made from several layers of quality materials. When brought together, the layers help to form a strong and continuous system of insulation that includes a durable and hard finished surface.

The basic layers of any EIFS wall will generally include:

  • A substrate that consists of something such as gypsum sheathing
  • A barrier that is water resistant
  • Insulation board
  • A base coat that consists of water-resistant materials crafted with reinforced mesh
  • A coat with a textured finish in the desired color and consistency

Once installed properly, EIFS will look like a piece of foam board that comes with a textured surface on the outside. However, you need to be sure that you are working with a trained EIFS service in Kirkland if you want to be able to get the beautiful and long-lasting finish for your space.

It used to be that EIFS was simply looked upon as just a barrier system, which meant that they were designed in a way to keep the water out. Today, there are a number of options for moisture management and drainage for the ultimate system that when installing correctly, will give you the flawless system that your business needs to be able to stand up to all of the elements while having a stunning outward appearance.

If you happen to have an older EIFS wall setup, the chances are good that you may be in need of assistance to get the upgrade that your business-front requires. Working with the right team of installers will give you the insight for a facelift to leave your commercial space looking good and having the power to stand up tot he test of time.

When you call us at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, we will be happy to make our way to your location to do a full walkthrough of your building. We can go over any of the weaknesses that you may have on your exterior and then go over what we can do to get the system up to top performance levels. Should you have a need for brand new EIFS installation, we are the number one answer in the Kirkland area for a professional EIFS service. All you need to do is contact us for a complete consultation and estimate.

By calling (206) 202-9500, you will be one step closer to working with a professional EIFS service in Kirkland. You can trust us at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son!