Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island

Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island

October 24, 2014  

Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island

Choosing interior wall coverings can be a very in depth process due to the overwhelming amount of options on the market. Doing research will be required in order to choose the perfect material for the interior walls of a home. One of the most commonly used and aesthetically pleasing wall coverings in the world is Venetian stucco. This material is used primarily is villa type homes and in any home wanting a unique and original look. Just like any other material, eventually the Venetian stucco will require repairs in order to keep its appeal. There are a variety of different myths regarding Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island, which are as follows:

One of the biggest myths that are believed about Venetian stucco is that it is all the same and that there are no varying degrees of quality. This is not the case at all because the Venetian stucco mix that can be bought at a local hardware store is a far cry from the mix used by professionals.

The compound that can be purchased at the hardware store is filled with polymers and other less than stellar materials that will make it fade in no time at all. The reason why many DIY Venetian stucco repair jobs turn out look so lack luster is because the wrong materials are used originally.

Another common misconception had about Venetian stucco repair is that anyone can do it, which is not the case at all. In order to work with this material, a lot of experience and knowledge will be needed due to its fickle nature. Using a professional for repairs is the only way to get the finished product that is wanted.

At Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, we will be able to provide all Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island in a timely manner. We have many years in the industry and have been producing quality work since day one. Contact us at (206)202-9500 for more information, or to schedule a consultation today.