The Complete Package From an EIFS Service in Everett

The Complete Package From an EIFS Service in Everett

December 18, 2015  

Building a home, commercial property or even refitting an existing one involves making an astronomical number of decisions. Trying to keep everything organized can no doubt be a bit of a challenge at times but employing the right contractors for any particular portion of the project helps keep things in check. There is a comfort in knowing not only that the project will be completed as asked but the right contractor will stand behind the work long after the project is complete. When an exterior insulating finishing system has been chosen as the cladding for your home or commercial property, hiring a professional EIFS service in Everett that offers the complete package would be ideal.

EIFS Service in Everett

Installation: From the water drainage system to the finishing coat, the ideal installation team will be able to exploit the flexible capabilities of this product. EIFS can replicate just about any finish from traditional stucco to brick, be made to appear in a variety of textures and virtually in any color.

Maintenance: The maintenance requirements for EIFS are very minimal. Cleaning can be done with a pressure washer. The ideal EIFS service will develop a regular maintenance schedule inspecting for cracking due to foundation shifting, separation due to trauma or any other concerns needing to be addressed.

Repair: If, in the event repairs are required over time, the ideal EIFS service will be able to identify, diagnose and repair any problems with the product quickly and efficiently. In many cases, an experienced technician can remove and replace any affected area quite simply.

The durability and flexibility of EIFS assists in affording it a high rating in being energy efficient; proper installation and maintenance is imperative to ensure this rating.

With no job to big or too small, a professional EIFS service in Everett can do it all. For more information, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, (206)202-9500.