The Benefits of EIFS Wall Installation in Bellevue

The Benefits of EIFS Wall Installation in Bellevue

October 30, 2015  

When building a new commercial or residential building or maybe planning to refurbish an older one, there are no small details when planning what materials are to be used. From the type of plaster and color used on the interior walls, the kind of flooring to be laid, the type of counter tops to the style of cabinets; and that’s just some of the inside. On the outside, there is the roof, garage, lawn, parking area, windows and maybe a swimming pool to consider. Certainly not the least of the careful considerations would be the type of cladding to be installed on the exterior of the building. While in the planning stage, carefully consider the benefits of EIFS wall installation in Bellevue.

EIFS Wall Installation in Bellevue

The ever growing popularity of exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) appears to have gained much of its momentum with larger number of families and businesses seeking different methods of being energy efficient. This of course is only one of the appealing features of EIFS. Some of the other benefits may include but are not limited to:

Ease of Installation: Typically installed as a continuous air barrier and insulation, EIFS can be installed quicker than any other cladding.  It can be installed on any substrate with either adhesive or mechanically.

Durability: The insulating factors of EIFS affords it the ability to withstand the harshest of weathers from the hot burning sun, heavy rains to the bitter cold and snow.

Flexibility:  With buildings of all sorts taking on more unique features, EIFS is flexible enough to be used in near any shape, color and texture chosen by the owner or developer.

Low Maintenance: With integrated paint, repainting is not required. Cleaning can be as easy as using a pressure washer.

To enjoy all of the benefits of your EIFS wall installation in Bellevue, ensure it is done by the professionals. For more information, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson and Son at (206)202-9500.