Stucco Repair Service in Everett

Exterior stucco cladding on your residence or commercial property not only increases its value but is a stylish, stable and sturdy finish that adds to the charm of the neighborhood or business district. Sometimes, however, frequent exposure to temperature fluctuations and climatic variations, time and unintended injuries may develop. For these regrettable situations, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is prepared to supply proficient stucco repair service in Everett and other nearby locales in Western Washington. In action since 1924, we have broad familiarity with all types of stucco application and refurbishment circumstances.

We are pleased to offer repair service for all cracks, gouges and scrapes in your stucco surfaces, no matter where they develop. For cracks that spread vertically from the building’s foundation, we advise you to check with a foundation specialist before initiating stucco repair so that any elemental issues can be addressed at the start. Our well-educated stucco technicians will then evaluate the stucco damage to categorize the cause and the most favorable method for restoration.

Regardless of the type of stucco injury we will first remove the dirt and debris in the area to make certain the new material we use will adhere properly. If necessary, we will patch or replace the mesh beneath the stucco. New stucco will be applied, carefully blending the specific color and texture.

For a free consultation regarding our stucco repair service in Everett, call the trained personnel at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We guarantee your approval of our stucco repair work.