Stucco Repair Service in Bellevue

A stucco finish on the exterior of your residence or commercial property not only increases it value but is a sophisticated, enduring and sturdy cladding that adds to the beauty of the neighborhood. Sometimes, however, recurring exposure to temperature extremes and climatic changes, time and unintentional injuries may develop. For these regrettable circumstances, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is prepared to provide skilled stucco repair service in Bellevue and many surrounding locales throughout Western Washington. In operation since 1924, we have widespread familiarity in all types of stucco application and restoration situations.

We are pleased to supply quality repair service for all cracks, gouges and holes in your stucco surfaces, no matter where they are located. For cracks that spread upward from the building’s foundation, we encourage you to consult a foundation specialist before commencing stucco repair so that any fundamental issues can be addressed at the outset. Our specifically educated stucco technicians will then carefully assess the stucco damage to identify the cause and the optimal method for repair.

For all types of stucco injuries we clean will first remove excess dirt and debris to make certain the new material we use will bond properly. If required, we will mend or replace the mesh underneath the stucco. A new stucco patch will be applied, carefully matching the specific color and texture.

For a complimentary consultation concerning our stucco repair service in Bellevue, call the certified personnel at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206)202-9500. We guarantee your satisfaction with our stucco repair work.