Stucco Repair Products in Bellevue

While it is critical to hire a professional contractor for stucco installation to guarantee an attractive and sturdy finish, it is just as important to confer with a specialist for necessary stucco repairs due to aging, expected weather exposure and normal deterioration. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has been a Puget Sound area provider of skilled stucco installation and repair service for decades. We utilize only first-class stucco repair products in Bellevue and the local community.

We will complete a methodical evaluation of your stucco damage to establish the most suitable stucco repair medium to meet your specific requirements. After our assessment, our experienced stucco contractor will utilize only the most effective repair products to result in a flawless restoration.

Small, thin stucco cracks usually require the use of a paintable caulk that consists of acrylic and silicone. This stiff, high quality material is relatively easy to apply and even more straightforward to clean.

Small holes or larger cracks in the stucco that are typically caused from unintentional damage necessitate a special approach. A pre-mixed stucco patch compound that is designed specifically for this type of injury will be used in this situation.

Larger holes require a more complex repair process. Excess debris will be removed, the wire mesh underneath will be repaired or replaced and stucco that we mix on-site will be applied. We ensure effective bonding and that the current color and texture will be matched.

Call the experienced technicians at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206)202-9500 for skilled stucco restoration and quality products. We promise you that our stucco repair products in Bellevue will surpass your expectations.