Stucco Problems in Tacoma

Western Washington area dwellings and companies should take advantage of the incomparable distinction of a prominent stucco façade. Its insulating capacity and energy efficient attributes make it a brilliant choice for augmenting the presence of an otherwise plain mature building. Nonetheless, as with any sort of exterior finish, stucco problems in Tacoma can occur without warning. These situations must be handled promptly to preserve the soundness of the structure.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has delivered adept stucco installation, service and renovation since 1924 and is able to meet all of your stucco constraints.

Remarkably dry circumstances can lead to stucco cracking throughout the surface that can be revamped with little energy or expense. A crack extending vertically from your foundation through the stucco must be first scrutinized by a qualified foundation advisor, since this could be a grimmer situation.

Leaks, loose caulk and a dripping gutter are stucco irritations due to moisture saturation. When these damp conditions are not fixed quickly, many complications may develop, including: fissures of all kinds and lengths, decay and mold, insect assault, decomposed stucco, shedding paint and efflorescence. Sometimes a gash or gouge is created from involuntary stucco collision from a lost ball or a fugitive vehicle.

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