Stucco Problems in Bellevue

The striking effect of a distinctive stucco façade on your home or commercial property in the Western Washington area is unparalleled. Its soundproofing capabilities and energy efficient qualities make it a premier choice updating an older building that appears dull and drab. However, as with all exterior finishes, stucco problems in Bellevue can occur – sometimes without warning. These should be addressed quickly to retain the reliability of the structure. Since 1924, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has provided professional stucco installation, service and repair and is competent to meet all of your stucco requirements.

Extremely dry conditions can lead to cracking within your stucco surface that is repaired with little effort. A crack beginning at your foundation and extending upward through the stucco must be carefully inspected by an experienced foundation specialist, since this could be a more serious situation.

Moisture infiltration from leaks, loose caulking and gutter drips can cause many stucco troubles. When damp conditions are not immediately repaired, many issues may develop, including: cracks of all sizes and lengths, mildew or mold, insect invasion, rotted stucco, peeling paint and efflorescence.

Sometimes a hole or gouge is created from accidentally impacting the stucco from a stray ball or as a result of unintentionally accelerating instead of applying brakes in a vehicle.

Permit our experienced contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. to supply you with a precise estimate for your stucco problems in Bellevue. We guarantee quality, considerate service that is cost-effective. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (206) 202-9500.