Stucco Patch in Seattle

A stucco finish on your home or business demonstrates class and efficiency. However, as durable and long-lasting as stucco can be, it is sometimes necessary to patch an area on your residence or commercial property to retain its pristine appearance. It is important to hire a professional, such as those at Joseph J. Jefferson &  Son, Inc., to ensure a seamless and unnoticeable repair. Since 1924, our contractors have been installing and providing stucco patch in Seattle and nearby cities throughout Western Washington.

Whether you have some type of damaged stucco from contact with a vehicle, a crack or hole from a baseball or require a larger patch where a window or door was previously located, our experienced stucco experts can help. We will carefully inspect the site, remove loose stucco from the edges and from the mesh underneath and clean it of dust and debris. Depending on the surface below the layers of stucco, we will prepare accordingly for proper stucco bonding.

After the preparation work, our technicians will carefully patch the area, flawlessly blending the new with the old stucco regarding the specific color and texture to make certain that the repair is not obvious.

For questions about stucco patch in Seattle, or to schedule an appointment for repair service, please contact J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. For your convenience, we will provide an affordable and accurate estimate for your stucco repair and complete the project as quickly as possible. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our skilled results.