Stucco Installation, Service & Repair in Everett

Stucco provides an adaptable and long-lasting exterior cladding that has been a trendy building material for home and business properties alike for many years. Stucco has exceptional fire and water resistant qualities, rebuffs mold or mildew and comes in an assortment of colors and styles for all architectural designs and developments. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has affordably served the Western Washington in the stucco industry since 1924 and supplies skilled stucco installation, service and repair in Everett.

It is very important to follow a particular procedure in applying stucco to ensure that it is completed properly. The exterior surface must be carefully prepared by pressure-washing to remove dirt and debris. After the surface dries completely, the façade is readied to ensure effective bonding. Surfaces such as wood and vinyl require other preparation methods. All cracks and scrapes can then be repaired with a singular caulking compound or patching composite.

Knowledgeable contractors apply stucco to the wall, the surface is “floated” or leveled and a finish coat added, utilizing proper safety techniques. Your stucco walls can then have texture inserted by sponging or with engraved designs. The entire process takes several days in cooperative weather to complete. The stucco can be painted after it cures for about 6 weeks.

Contact the experienced technicians at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 to schedule an evaluation for stucco installation, service and repair in Everett. We look forward to beautifying the exterior of your residence or business that will last for many years.