Stucco Finishes in Tacoma

As a capable and robust exterior façade for your residence, company or commercial property, stucco has no equivalent. It not only offers excellent fire resistant and energy efficient abilities, but can deter moisture infiltration. You can show off your individualized stucco style with the diversity of colors, textures and design selections available.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is proud to be a local business leader for superior stucco installation in a wide range of stucco finishes in Tacoma since our establishment in 1924.

There are three separate categories of stucco that are well-regarded by home and business titleholders. Conventional stucco is a dense and unyielding material that contains cement, lime, sand and water applied in a precise method. Synthetic stucco is more flexible, less likely to crack and comes in sundry colors.

Stucco EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system) is also quite adaptable and has an insulation board base to guard against water damage and create superior energy conservation.

One stucco finish is called wet dash. Wet mortar is barraged with sand or brushed in a unique pattern. This procedure is fairly unambiguous to establish.

Pebbles, shell particles or stone are implanted in damp stucco to create a dry dash finish. It is a more elaborate task than wet dash but has characteristic results.

When the final coating of stucco begins to firm, water is brushed onto the surface for an extraordinary texture in float stucco.

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