Stucco Finishes in Bellevue

Stucco provides both a versatile and durable exterior façade for your residence, business or commercial development. It is not only fire resistant, but can prevent moisture infiltration and supplies unsurpassed energy efficiency. Your unique style can be effectively demonstrated in the extensive variety of colors, textures and inimitable design options that stucco offers. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has been an industry leader for superior stucco installation in a wide array of stucco finishes in Bellevue since our inception in 1924.

There are three distinct types of stucco that are popular with home and business owners. Conventional stucco is a hard and inflexible material that contains sand, cement, water and lime applied in a specific process. Synthetic stucco is more elastic, less prone to cracking and is available in numerous colors. Stucco EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system) is also quite supple and has an insulation board base to resist water damage and create the utmost in energy efficiency.

Wet dash is one stucco finish. The wet mortar is pelted with sand or brushed in a particular pattern. This procedure is fairly straightforward.

Pebbles, pieces of stone or shells are embedded in damp stucco to affect a dry dash finish. It is a more complex task than wet dash but has distinctive results.

When the final coating begins to harden, water is brushed onto the surface for a striking texture in float stucco.

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