Stucco Crack Repair in Tacoma

Stucco Crack Repair in Tacoma

July 22, 2014  

Stucco Crack Repair in TacomaStucco is a common outer protective surface applied to many homes which can be very durable and long-lasting. Eventually, stucco layers will start to display some cracking due to outside elements over time. The trick for a homeowner, is to know which type of cracking is a serious matter versus which type is just normal temperature expansion and contraction. For those needing Stucco Repair in Tacoma, J.J. Jefferson has some of the best experience in the region.

Spider-cracks or thin cracks, are often seen in stucco after it has cured on a house wall and been in the sun and elements a few years. These small cracks are not a worry and are simply part of the normal temperature change process the surface goes through day after day.

Bubbles, puffing, boils and swells are another matter entirely. Often seen the most during the wet season, this is a situation where the stucco is capture water and creating an air or water pocket. Eventually the stucco will break off entirely in a big patch, but the moisture caught can cause a lot of rot damage to the wood underneath. If seen, it should be treated as soon as possible when the area has dried out completely.

Significant cracks a quarter-inch or thicker are another serious issue. These occur when the stucco is actually separating from its anchor and sublayer on the house. Left alone, the cracks will continue and the damage will become more severe. The cracks often need to be removed and the entire run replaced with a new layer of stucco. This also requires repainting to smooth out the look again. A professional service is the best way to go for such work. For more information, or to schedule your appointment for Stucco Repair in Tacoma, call J.J. Jefferson at (206)202-9500.