Stucco Chimney Repair in Tacoma

Restructuring or refurbishing a broken chimney can be a significant expenditure, in addition to the problems with properly corresponding with the prevailing bricks and mortar. One resolution to this situation is to enclose your chimney in a stucco cladding. It is moderately inexpensive to apply, demonstrates a charming exterior and is visually interesting. Consult with the professionals at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. for stucco chimney repair in Tacoma. After a complete evaluation of your individual circumstances, we will install stucco over your chimney for a sturdy and watertight exterior that can only add to the worth of your home.

Our qualified stucco contractors will cover the chimney in a specially designed wire lath and lay mortar over it. After a concluding coat of stucco, we are able to color and texture the stucco exterior to look like stone or brick or apply a personalized design.

A few small fissures and indentations in a chimney may only involve a direct repair. Hairline cracks, where moisture has breached the mortar, can be successfully patched with a caulking compound created precisely for that purpose. A larger gap or crack or requires a combination of cement and stucco to effectively seal the injury.

For simple or more multifaceted stucco chimney repair in Tacoma, phone Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 for beneficial and economical service by experienced technicians. We have proudly served the Puget Sound and the adjacent vicinities since 1924 and are delighted to be native industry leaders in stucco application and restoration.