Stucco Application in Tacoma

Arranging for your residence or business to be put up for sale or changing its look for purely visual reasons is popular in today’s marketplace. Adding stucco or other exterior casing is a worthy venture that can last for decades. Since 1924, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has delivered excellent stucco application in Tacoma and localities throughout Western Washington.

Depending upon the current surface of your structure, the techniques for stucco installation may differ. Vinyl, concrete, block, wood and brick each have precise preparation prerequisites to ensure satisfactory attachment of the stucco. The preliminary step for all finishes, however, is vigilant elimination of dirt, rubble, mold and decay. Pressure washing is typically used for this practice but if the exterior is decidedly soiled, a sandblaster may be more effective.

After the surface has been cleaned, it must dry totally and then an apt bonding compound applied for each type of exterior. A layer of plain or colored stucco is spread across the walls and then it is floated or flattened to preserve smoothness. When the last coat is added, texture may be integrated by using a sponge or other item or a design impressed into the wet stucco.

In most circumstances, stucco application requires several days for completion from beginning to end. After about a 6 week curative period, the stucco may be painted for an even more prominent appearance.

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