Stucco Application in Everett

Preparing your home or business to put it on the market or changing its appearance for aesthetic reasons is popular today. Applying stucco or other exterior cladding is a worthwhile investment that can last for decades. Since 1924, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has supplied superior stucco application in Everett and locations throughout the Western Washington vicinity.

Depending upon the existing surface of your structure, the procedures for stucco installation may vary. Vinyl, block, wood, concrete and brick each have specific preparation requirements to ensure successful bonding of the stucco. The initial step for all finishes, however, is careful removal of dirt, debris, mold and mildew. Pressure washing is most often used for this process but if the exterior is markedly soiled, a sandblaster may be suitable.

After the surface has been cleaned, it must dry completely and then an appropriate bonding compound applied for the particular type of exterior. A layer of plain or tinted stucco is spread across the walls and then it is floated or leveled to maintain smoothness. When the concluding coat is added, texture may be employed by using a sponge or other object or a design etched into the damp stucco.

In most situations, stucco application requires several days work from start to finish. After about a 6 week curing period, the stucco may be painted for an even more striking look.

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