Small Plaster Repair in Tacoma

To restore damage to the seamless façade of your plaster walls or ceilings and to make sure that the injury does not progress, turn to the experienced plaster contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We can efficiently and at reasonable cost supply extensive and small plaster repair in Tacoma and additional adjacent communities in Western Washington.

Interior plaster displays classic style and charm in both residences and commercial properties. Plaster finishes have been adding sophistication to reception rooms of a business or in living spaces of a dwelling. Regrettably, however, there are times when a plaster surface may become disfigured.

A sizeable depression or scrape in the plaster may be caused by a banging door or collision with furniture. Structural foundation unevenness can result in plaster cracking. Unforeseen moisture permeation from leaks or other issues can cause peeling plaster, bubbles or flaking.

With years of specialized training, our plaster technicians will carefully study your plaster situation and supply an estimate for repair. When initiating the assignment, we will ready the surface area and utilize the best system for renovation, depending upon the complexity of the job. After the restoration has been accomplished, we will work assiduously to match the present plaster color and design so that the restoration is practically invisible.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. will competently reinstate your plaster to its former flawless glamour once again. Call us today at (206) 202-9500 with questions about plaster or to schedule your personal consultation for substantial or small plaster repair in Tacoma.