Seattle Wall Plaster Repair

The classic charm, quality craftsmanship and unique features of older residences and commercial properties appeal to potential buyers. One of the characteristics that is typical of an aged home or other building are plaster walls, often throughout the entire interior. While plaster is visually appealing and relatively simple to maintain, age is often not kind to plaster walls, as they can frequently crack in numerous places. This is where Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. can help. We have been in the stucco and plaster business since 1924 and have supplied wall plaster repair in Seattle and surrounding locations for decades.

Both large and small plaster cracks are the result of several different factors. The lumber behind the plaster may shrink over time, seasonal moisture changes expand and contract the surface and a shifting foundation all lead to cracking. It is important to consult a specialist to determine the source of your cracked plaster before beginning a repair project. Restoration over an underlying problem could cause cracks to reappear.

By utilizing proper plaster application techniques and flexible material that can absorb sporadic movement, the contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. will effectively complete your repair to ensure that you have smooth and durable plaster that will last for a long time to come.

For experienced and professional wall plaster repair in Seattle, contact the expert plaster technicians at J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our affordable and flawless plaster repair services.