Seattle Stucco Wall Repair

Stucco has been a popular choice for both interior and exterior walls for decades due to its aesthetic beauty, minimum maintenance requirements and durability. However, stucco walls are not indestructible. Cracks due to extreme weather deviations and gouges from any number of situations can be common occurrences. To ensure that the integrity of your stucco façade is not compromised any further, immediate action should be taken for stucco wall repair in Seattle. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is your Western Washington provider of premium stucco services from installation to replacement since 1924.

For cracks that extend upward from your building’s foundation, it is crucial to consult a foundation expert prior to stucco repair. Cosmetic stucco restoration will not solve a foundation problem and a crack is likely to recur if this issue is not addressed first.

Our professional stucco contractors have the experience and expertise to effectively restore stucco to its original appearance with a minimum of effort and disorder. Whether your stucco problem is the result of moisture infiltration, dry conditions, an accidental injury to the wall or from construction issues, we guarantee the use of effectual bonding materials to make certain that the crack or hole does not appear again in that location.

Matching stucco color and individual texture are an important part of our repair process so that we can affect a seamless renovation.

For the best stucco wall repair in Seattle with affordable pricing and timely service, contact the expert contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We are pleased to provide a complimentary, hassle-free estimate for your stucco project.