Seattle Stucco Repair Products

While it is crucial to hire a professional to install your stucco to ensure a beautiful yet durable finish, it is equally important to consult an expert for stucco repairs that may become necessary after years of weather exposure and normal wear and tear. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has been a Western Washington provider of both stucco installation and repair since 1924. We utilize only premium stucco repair products in Seattle and surrounding locales.

To determine the most appropriate stucco repair product to meet your precise needs, we must complete a thorough evaluation of the damage both on the surface and in the underlying layers. Upon appraisal, our experienced stucco technician will affect the most effective method for a seamless repair.

For small, thin cracks in stucco we will typically employ a paintable caulk that is comprised of acrylic and silicone. This water-based caulking is a stiff, high quality material that is simple to apply and easy to clean.

Larger cracks or small holes in the stucco that usually result from accidental damage require a different approach. We will use a pre-mixed stucco patch compound specifically designed for this purpose.

For larger holes, we will carefully remove excess debris, repair or replace the wire mesh beneath and apply stucco that we mix on-site. We make certain that appropriate bonding is assured and color and texture match completed.

For your large or small stucco repair, call the experienced technicians at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We guarantee that our stucco repair products in Seattle will provide a flawless restoration.