Seattle Stucco Application

Changing the appearance of your home for aesthetic reasons or to prepare it for resale is a popular choice for homeowners. Stucco enhances the look of your house at a relatively inexpensive cost compared to other projects and lasts for many years. Since 1924, Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has provided  professional stucco application in Seattle.

Stucco application procedures differ according to the current façade of your home. Wood, vinyl, concrete, brick and block all have specific requirements to ensure effective stucco bonding to each surface. The first step for all finishes, however, is the proper removal of accumulated dirt, debris, mold and mildew. A pressure washer typically is enough for this job but if the exterior is particularly grimy, a sandblaster may be necessary. Holes and cracks must be repaired and the caulk or mortar allowed to harden.

After the cleaned surface has completely dried, the correct bonding agent must be applied to each type of exterior. One coat of plain or tinted stucco is spread across the outer wall, then it is floated to ensure uniformity and a final coat is added. At this point, texture may be implemented with a sponge or other material or a design scraped into the stucco. Standard stucco work requires several days for completion. After at least a 6 week curing period, the stucco may be painted for an even more striking look.

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