Repairing Stucco Walls in Seattle

Although stucco is an extremely hard and durable exterior cladding, it is not impenetrable. Time, seasonal weather fluctuations, construction work, accidental impact, moisture and dry conditions can all cause damage to the stucco on your residence or commercial property. If these types of situations occur and you are left with cracks or holes in your stucco, it is necessary to begin repair work as soon as possible. If excessive moisture is permitted to infiltrate your stucco, this will likely result in an even more serious problem.

For a professional stucco contracting team who has extensive knowledge and experience, consult Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We have been repairing stucco walls in Seattle and surrounding locations since 1924. Utilizing our services for your repair will gain you several benefits, including: a flawless repair that correctly matches your existing stucco color and texture, affordable restoration, specialized equipment for a timely refurbishment, appropriate safety measures followed and the beauty of your stucco brought back to its original state.

Our stucco repair services range from the thinnest cracks to large holes and our method of repair depends on the scope of the problem. You can be assured that when we repair your stucco, we use the most suitable caulk, stucco patch or mixed stucco compound that best suits the circumstances.

Call the office of Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 to schedule an appointment for an estimate for repairing stucco walls in Seattle. We look forward to working with you and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.