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Resolve to do the Job Right with a Professional Stucco Company in Mercer Island

February 2, 2016  

Stucco Company in Mercer Island

Throughout renovation history there has no doubt been a number of self-proclaimed do it yourself types that have taken on a project that they may not have been quite ready for. Despite this, they did the best they could with the knowledge and tools they had. Unfortunately, the project may not have turned out as planned and the decision to try it again or have it done right had to be made. With the New Year upon us, if there is a new build, rebuild, renovation, repair, commercial or residential stucco work to be completed, resolve to do it right with a professional stucco company in Mercer Island.

Depending on the job size and the type of stucco being installed, only the extremely organized of self-taught handy people may have the time or experience to complete a stucco project. Each type of stucco, be it textured, traditional, Venetian or color integrated have their own set of procedures to be followed. If these formulas are not adhered to, the desired results will not be achieved. This particularly pertains to completing repairs in which color and texture matching is imperative.

An experienced, professional stucco company would not only able to complete a project in a timely manner, they would have installers with extensive experience in any type of stucco. They would have a complete understanding of the smaller details required when making the smallest of repairs. They would possess the skilled hand and keen eye to ensure a crack or a hole is just that and no water, structure or lath damage has occurred in the affected area. Above all, they would ensure the job is done right the first time.

When considering your next stucco project, be it large or small, interior or exterior, commercial or residential, resolve to do the job right the first time with a professional stucco company in Mercer Island. Give us a call at Joseph J. Jefferson and Son today at (206)202-9500.

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