Repairing Stucco Walls in Bellevue

Stucco is a superior choice for exterior cladding due to its incredibly durable and attractive surface. It is, however, not impenetrable. Extreme seasonal temperature variations, aging, accidental impact from trees or other objects, excessive moisture and dryness and construction work can all contribute to damaged stucco on your home or business. To ensure that the damage does not spread and cause a more substantial problem, it is important to contact experienced stucco contractors as soon as possible for repairing stucco walls in Bellevue.

These professionals can be found at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We have provided installation and restoration service for stucco façades in and around the Puget Sound vicinity since 1924.

Our skilled stucco technicians have the necessary training to promise a seamless repair, whether it is a small hairline crack or a hefty gouge in the wall. We will carefully inspect the situation, utilize the most effective restoration method and correctly match your existing stucco color and texture for a well-blended refurbishment.

Over the last several decades, our stucco projects have ranged from small residences and business properties to expansive commercial developments. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively and affordably institute a flawless stucco repair.

Call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to schedule a personal consultation for your stucco repair project. We are the Western Washington industry leader for repairing stucco walls in Bellevue and guarantee your satisfaction with our stucco restoration work. We await your call and look forward to working with you.