Repairing Stucco in Everett

For the most effective stucco restoration, consult the professional contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson, Inc. We have many years of experience in repairing stucco in Everett and nearby communities all over the Western Washington area. We will suitably and successfully introduce a repair that is both reasonable and apt. Our expertise and skill will afford a flawless stucco restoration.

Noticing a crack or gouge in your attractive stucco façade is unfortunate, whether it shows up on your commercial property or residence. Stucco damage can occur from normal aging, fluctuations in climate, shrubbery that is too near a building, leaking downspouts and gutters and accidental collision.

Removing a door or window during remodeling also requires a large stucco patch project. Not heeding the stucco injury is not a good idea, as the damage will only expand and degrade over time. Although stucco is a quite durable, it is not designed to last indefinitely. Prompt intervention completed by professionals in the field is required.

Our technicians can quickly repair your stucco, no matter what type of damage it has sustained. Hairline cracks, extra-large gaps, indentations and holes all demand specific treatment methods. Allow us to inspect your stucco situation and supply a precise estimate for a superior and long-lasting repair.

Call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to discuss your stucco concerns or schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We are the stucco industry leader in the Puget Sound for installation and repairing stucco in Everett. Trust your stucco investment to a company that knows the medium.