Repairing Plaster in Bellevue

Although it may seem that repairing plaster in Bellevue is a simple task to complete, this is not consistently true. To ensure that plaster restoration will last and that the repair matches the existing texture and color, it is best to leave this specialized refurbishment to individuals skilled in its application and repair. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has been providing installation, maintenance and repair of plaster walls throughout the Puget Sound since 1924. We have the necessary experience with all

There is something universally sophisticated and appealing about older residential and commercial properties. The inimitable architectural design plan and classic finishes provide timeless beauty. Plaster wall surfaces throughout the interior of a structure only add to its elegance. While plaster is extremely resilient and energy efficient, it is also uncomfortably rigid and susceptible to cracking over extended periods of time. The plaster façade can develop gouges from doors, furniture and other accidental means. Outside plaster corners may chip off from repeated blows.

Our plaster repair technique depends on the range of the plaster damage. Hairline cracks require different handling than larger gouges. We will cautiously assess your precise situation and decide upon the most effective method of plaster restoration. Our estimate for services includes labor, preparation efforts and the repair itself.

Contact Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 for repairing plaster in Bellevue. Our professional plaster contractors are ready to evaluate and restore your plaster to its original flawless surface. We guarantee that our plaster repair service will meet your satisfaction.