Repair Stucco Wall in Tacoma

Stucco is a remarkably sophisticated and durable exterior cladding for any household or business property. Yet, it is not impermeable. Due to its stiff nature, cracks due to settling or impact damage are not uncommon. Unwarranted moist conditions, dryness, misfortune and renovation work may all cause stucco complications. Fissures and hollows must be repaired and sealed effectively as soon as they are revealed to prevent further injury over the remainder of the surface.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has obliged the Western Washington area with stucco service since 1924 and is equipped to repair a stucco wall in Tacoma. After a well-defined evaluation of your stucco damage, we will offer a precise and affordable estimate for refurbishment. Our stucco contractors have years of familiarity and skill to complete a judicious repair that will blend well with your individual color scheme and texture.

Contingent on the type of repair, different practices are used. Hairline fissures are rather straightforward to restore while broad cracks and gashes need a more intricate method for refurbishment. We utilize products that are designed expressly for stucco repair and try to ensure that a reappearance is not likely.

Regardless of the size or origination of your stucco injury, you can be sure that we will accomplish a unified repair. We proudly ensure your satisfaction.

Appeal to the professionals at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. to repair a stucco wall in Tacoma at (206) 202-9500. Plan an appointment or inquire about your stucco façade. We look forward to working with your stucco.