Repair Stucco Siding in Tacoma

Stucco has numerous obvious benefits, including beneficial energy efficiency, tremendous variety in color and design choices and moisture and fire resistant capabilities. A stucco façade also needs little maintenance and care. Yet, there may be periods when you require a professional to repair stucco siding in Tacoma. Western Washington area inhabitants and company owners have depended upon Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. since 1924 for successful and economical stucco installation and renovation.

There are a few ill-fated situations that may cause stucco problems. Moisture may breach the stucco from foliage planted too near the wall, abundant rain or ruptured gutters and downspouts. Staining, flaking paint, mold and decay can emerge in wet conditions. An exceptionally arid environment can result in exterior cracks of all sizes. Taking out a window or door during remodeling necessitates application of a stucco patch to close the space. Upright cracks from the foundation may dictate involvement from a foundation authority prior to the start of stucco restoration. Chance collision with a vehicle, tree branches or a ball can produce uninviting scrapes and indentations.

Our veteran technicians can restore both straightforward and elaborate stucco damage. We will carefully review your stucco injury and provide a guaranteed precise estimate for refurbishment that is all-inclusive.

Touch base with the accomplished contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 to schedule your appointment for a complete stucco evaluation and to repair stucco siding in Tacoma. We look forward to reinstating your stucco exterior to its original flawless, sophisticated beauty.