Repair Stucco Siding in Bellevue

Stucco is not only a durable exterior cladding but offers a classic finish that adds sophistication to any neighborhood or commercial endeavor. The benefits of stucco include energy efficiency, a wide variety of color and design options and moisture and fire resistant. A stucco façade is nearly maintenance free. However, there may be occasions when you must have a professional to repair stucco siding in Bellevue. Western Washington area residents and business owners have relied on Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. since 1924 for effective stucco repair and installation.

Stucco problems can occur in several situations. Moisture may penetrate the stucco from shrubbery planted too close to the wall, too much rain or broken gutters and downspouts. Stains, peeling paint, mold and mildew can emerge in damp conditions. Overly dry situations can result in small and large surface cracks. The removal of a window or door during remodeling requires application of a stucco patch to close the space. Vertical cracks from the foundation upward may necessitate intervention from a foundation expert prior to stucco restoration work. Accidental contact with a vehicle, tree limbs or a ball can create unsightly holes and gouges.

Our experienced technicians can effectively repair both simple and complex stucco damage. We will evaluate your stucco injury and supply an exact estimate that is affordable and guaranteed.

Call the skilled professionals at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to schedule an appointment to repair stucco siding in Bellevue. We look forward to restoring your stucco exterior to its original seamless finish.