Repair Plaster in Seattle

If you are seeking a qualified company to repair plaster in Seattle, the search ends with Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. Our company has been serving homeowners and commercial establishments in and around the city since our inception in 1924.

Plaster repair is a specialized job that is best left to the experts. A professional plaster repair technician will not only refurbish the plaster wall, including matching the unique texture and color, but will also identify the cause of the plaster damage and address the issue before beginning the repair. This way, the contractor ensures that the damage does not recur. Unless the underlying cause of the plaster injury is diagnosed and treated, there is no point in getting the plaster repaired. Plaster cracks will reappear and the plaster wall can become a financial and structural headache for you.

The technicians at J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. have years of experience in all types of plaster repair situations, whether there are large gouges from furniture or door knobs to hairline cracks due to foundation shifts. No plaster repair is too large or too small for our dedicated team. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive estimate for your plaster repair that covers materials, labor and the amount of time required for the project.

For a skilled company to repair plaster in Seattle, or for general questions about plaster repair, call (206) 202-9500 to speak to one of the specialists at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. Our technicians are waiting for your call. We look forward to restoring your plaster wall to its original flawless façade.