Professional Plaster Repair in Kirkland

Professional Plaster Repair in Kirkland

July 29, 2015  

There is no questioning the durability of plaster used on either the interior or exterior of a home or commercial building; its seamless, mold, fire resistant and noise deadening properties making it an attractive product. Near every home built prior to the 1950’s in the United States most likely had plaster on the substrate. Comments are still heard stating these home are still solid. Regardless of when the home or structure was built, after a period of time cracks can occur. These cracks typically occur due to the shifting of the structure. The annoyance to home and property owners does not appear to be the fact that these cracks occur, it’s repairing them so they don’t reoccur. A professional plaster repair company in Kirkland can help curb that frustration.

Professional Plaster Repair in Kirkland

A home owner sometimes learns the hard way that the easy way of doing things is not always the right way. Often, we may pick the easy way because the right way can be time consuming and may require a bit more patience than anticipated. Making repairs to plaster is one of these instances.

In an older home, when cracked, the plaster is separating from the lath, Simply filling in a crack in the plaster can be an exercise in futility. More often than not, the crack will reappear. To repair correctly, the plaster should be reattached to the lath using plastic washers before applying plaster filler. This can be a delicate process.

Another option for repairing a crack in plaster may be to carefully widen the damaged area, sand lightly, apply adhesive mesh and then apply plaster filler. Allow this to dry completely, sand and repeat. This process may require 3 coats. Final sanding will take some skill and patience as not to expose the mesh.

Yet another option to ensure the plaster repairs in your home or commercial property are done correctly, contact a professional plaster repair company in Kirkland; contact Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.