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Professional Plaster Installation Specialists in Mercer Island

August 27, 2015  

In a society where most people seem to be pulled in every direction and expected to be in multiple places all at once while trying to balance careers, school, family, extracurricular activities while still trying to relax, time doesn’t seem to be in great supply. Despite this, many believe themselves to be prudent trying to save time and money by taking on extra projects such as installing the plaster in or on their new or newly renovated home or commercial building. Before coming to the realization too late a task such as this may not save either time or money, consider hiring a company specializing in plaster installation in Mercer Island.

Professional Plaster Installation Specialists in Mercer Island


Regardless whether the intended plaster installation involves traditional, textured or Venetian stucco, each have their own nuances and requirements to finish successfully. There are a number of small details that need to be adhered to during the installation process. Details such as, applying the plaster too thick or too thin, sanding too hard or not hard enough, not allowing for adequate drying time or even a slight deviation in the color mixture of one batch of plaster; any one of which can turn an individual’s hard work into a great deal of rework if not careful.

Although the feeling of pride and accomplishment brought on by installing the plaster in a home or commercial building yourself can be a good one, knowing it was completed by a certified, experienced company will offer the peace of mind it was done correctly.

Be it a big job or a small task, call the professional plaster installation specialists in Mercer Island with the experience to do the job right; call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.

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