Plastering Repairs in Tacoma

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is proud of our long-standing reputation for unfailing and proficient plastering repairs in Tacoma. Since our establishment in 1924, we have accomplished numerous plaster repair assignments in both residential and business properties of all design schemes and scopes throughout the Western Washington vicinity. Our long list of contented clients grows every day.

Due to the specialized fabrication of plaster, walls with this exceptional coating involve sporadic review to check for abrasions and other injuries. Our trained technicians will judiciously examine your plaster walls for damage of any type, whether from a foundation that has become uneven, unforeseen moisture contact or scrapes from furnishings or doors.

Unsightly fissures and holes require speedy plaster repair before they spread over a wall and result in plaster stripping and re-application. Our contractors will provide a seamless renovation for your plaster walls in an expedient fashion, paying particular attention to the present color and consistency.

Our plaster repair and installation company has built a name for itself in the business. We are pleased to offer quality plaster service at realistic prices. Plaster damage disfigures the sophisticated attractiveness of your walls. Permit our knowledgeable contractors to restore your plaster to its original splendid façade.

For plastering repairs in Tacoma, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500. We can supply answers to your queries about plaster and will schedule a meeting to inspect your plaster injuries. We anticipate serving your Puget Sound residential or commercial property with excellent plaster restoration service.