Plaster Walls Repair in Everett

For the most effective plaster walls repair in Everett and nearby locales throughout Western Washington, consult Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. Since establishing our company in 1924, we have earned a reputation for diligent, reliable and affordable service that is unrivaled in the Puget Sound vicinity.

Whether your plaster walls are new or were manufactured long ago, routine maintenance and inspection are required to guarantee a seamless and eye-catching façade. Gashes from doors and furniture create unpleasant damage. Cracks due to a foundation shift or from water penetration from a leaky roof or domestic plumbing cause not only external injuries but internal difficulties, as well. J. J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. supplies thorough plaster evaluation and restoration service to residences and commercial properties of all sizes.

Our certified plaster technicians will cautiously inspect your plaster walls for expansive and hairline cracks and gouges. If damage is discovered, we will offer guidance for the best way to repair it and provide an accurate estimate for our specialized repair work. Immediate refurbishment is called for in this situation to prevent the plaster problem from spreading over the rest of the wall. Disregarding the issue can create an even more serious situation that can cause both a structural and monetary burden.

For responsible plaster wall restoration, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable specialists for plaster walls repair in Everett. We will quickly and efficiently renew your plaster walls to their original beauty.