Plaster Wall Patch in Seattle

J.J.Jefferson & Son is a plaster wall patch in Seattle specialist whom provides services throughout Western Washington. We have an unmatched reputation locally for our wall plaster repair services, and continue to remain the first choice for many homeowners and business establishments across the city when it comes to plaster repair.

Repairing plaster walls is a complex task which may appear to be easy. But there’s more to it than just applying a patch and calling it a day. Before application, the cause of the cracks must be determined and addressed in order to avoid the same issue from reoccurring again in the future.

J.J.Jefferson & Son will first identify and repair the cause of the cracks before application of a plaster patch. Ensuring the larger issue is corrected first will ensure that the cracks do not reappear again and cause further expenses. Failure to correctly identify and address the cause of the cracks can prove costly and unnecessary in the long run.

If you are in need of a professional plaster wall patch in Seattle for your home or establishment, contact J.J.Jefferson & Son. Call now at  (206)202-9500 to schedule a consultation. Our technician will visit your home and check for the cause of the cracks, and provide insight on what repair is needed.