Plaster Wall Installation, Service & Repair in Seattle

J.J.Jefferson & Son provides professional plaster wall installation, service & repair in Seattle and is a leader in this specialty industry. We have been serving customers since 1924, and are the first choice for homeowners, businesses, and commercial properties for plaster repair service throughout the Puget Sound vicinity.

If you notice a crack in your plaster wall, don’t ignore it. Cracks make the wall look bad visually and can result in much more long term and significant damage. Any cracks that are left un-repaired will continue to expand as time goes by. A minor crack can become a major structural and financial headache if it is not repaired in time and cost an arm and a leg to fix. Don’t let this happen to you, and seek the assistance of the experts before the problem gets worse.

At J.J.Jefferson & Son, we can help with plaster wall installation, service, or repair no matter what the scope of your project is.  We have completed countless jobs from small homes to large commercial buildings and have many satisfied customers.

J.J.Jefferson & Son specializes in Seattle plaster wall installation, service & repair. Call now at (206)202-9500 and speak to one of our professional contractors to schedule a one on one consultation. Our contractor will inspect your plaster and advise on the best course of action to deal with the crack before it becomes a structural and financial burden.