Plaster Repair Products in Bellevue

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has proudly specialized in plaster repair products in Bellevue since our inception in 1924. We have accumulated extensive experience through successful completion of plaster projects of all sizes and dimensions. We remain the number one choice for plaster repair throughout Western Washington for residences, small businesses and expansive commercial endeavors.

Our contractors have comprehensive training with regard to plaster application, restoration and use of a variety of plaster repair products that are carefully selected for each individual job. We can effectively evaluate your plaster damage to determine the best course of action for refurbishment. Hairline cracks require different materials than large holes in the plaster. Regardless of the size and scope of your plaster injury, we will provide a precise estimate for repair that encompasses all necessary materials and labor and we will make certain that the restoration matches your current plaster color and texture.

Plaster injuries are due to numerous problems, including: normal wear and tear, age, structural shifts, moisture infiltration, nail holes and gouges from furniture and slammed doors. Careful inspection of the underlying cause of the damage is necessary before beginning repair to ensure that the issue does not recur after plaster repair.

Consult the professionals within the plaster industry in the Puget Sound area. Call the plaster repair products in Bellevue resource at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206)202-9500. We will be happy to schedule a personal consultation with one of our certified plaster contractors. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers by utilizing the services of our skilled plaster technicians.