Plaster Repair in Seattle

Plaster Repair in Seattle

November 20, 2014  

Plaster Repair in Seattle

Plaster is a very durable and versatile material, which allows for virtually endless customizations. As time goes by, the plaster will become exposed to different elements which can cause further damage and much more extensive repairs in the future. When the time comes for Plaster Repair in Seattle, a professional needs to be called in, due to the large room for error that exists.

Without the proper experience and professional project, a little damage to plaster can become a significant catastrophe, which is why a professional attention is always highly recommended. There are a variety of different types of repairs that can be completed with plaster walls and ceilings, and how they are handled makes all of the difference in a professional repair job from a homeowner DIY disaster.

Among the most common issues that arises with plaster walls and ceilings over time can be paint peeling. Usually, this problem is caused by moisture penetrating the surface of the material, and the paint bubbling up is seen as a result. As soon as this problem is noticed, a professional needs to be called to assess the source of the problem. Once the root cause of the moisture is fixed, the scraping of the old paint and application of the new plaster can begin.

Another common repair that can arise with plaster, is holes requiring plaster patching. The longer that any visible holes are left without correction, the more damage that can continue to arise in the future.

When the time comes for Plaster Repair in Seattle, be sure to contact Joseph J. Jefferson & Son. We will be able to repair any issue that is had with the plaster in a timely and efficient manner. Call us at (206) 202-9500 for more information, or to schedule your plaster repair service appointment today.