Plaster Repair in Seattle

J.J.Jefferson & Son is a leading Plaster Repair in Seattle company located in Western Washington. We have years of experience in assisting homeowners and business establishments in plaster application and repair including specialty contractor services. Since our inception in 1924, we have always put our customers first, providing excellent customer service and high quality results.

As plaster walls often develop cracks as time goes by, it’s important to make any necessary repairs as soon as they become present. A large issue with cracks in plaster is that it allows water to seep into the wall causing additional, more severe damage to any building.

Our contractors have hands-on experience with plaster and are intimately familiar with the characteristics of the material including best application techniques.

We can get the job right the first time and know you will be satisfied with the results.

Call J.J.Jefferson & Son for the best Plaster Repair in Seattle service around. Our professional contractors can determine the cause of the cracks and address the larger issue. Call now at (206)202-9500.